What Qualifies as a Quality Kitchen Cabinet?

If you’re considering increasing the value of your home through kitchen remodeling or renovation, investing in a stylish and high-quality kitchen cabinet is critical. Keep in mind that not all gorgeous kitchen cabinets are of excellent quality. Additionally, it’s essential to understand that price has no bearing on the overall quality of the cabinet.

The Most Important Features of High-Quality Cabinets

 There are numerous variables that you should be aware of when it comes to cabinets. Here are a few of those reasons.


To determine the quality of your chosen kitchen cabinets, you should examine the materials used to construct them. Generally, the majority of high-quality kitchen cabinets on the market are made with Grade A plywood. Cabinets constructed of medium-density fiberboard and particle board are less durable than those constructed of Grade A plywood.

If you’re unfamiliar with plywood, it’s a sort of wood board formed by gluing wood veneers together. Wood veneers are 3mm thick sheets of thin wood. It is well-known for its ability to support weight and is highly durable for cabinet use.

Hinges with a Soft-Close Mechanism

The hinges on kitchen cabinets are one of the most crucial and fragile components. Usually, cabinets are opened and closed repeatedly throughout the day for storage purposes for them to be utilized. With low-quality hinges, you can nearly guarantee that the hinges will become loose or broken to the point that the cabinet door will not close properly. In the worst-case situation, it would shatter and fall off, leaving your kitchen cabinet doorless. Bathroom Cabinets Calgary – Cabinet Solutions

If you have the option of choosing your hinges, opt for a 6-way adjustable hinge with a soft close feature that allows you to close the door more gently. Additionally, this style of the hinge may be adjusted to accommodate seasonal variations that may cause your kitchen cabinet door to expand or shrink.


Drawers installed in kitchen cabinets by companies are frequently abused. With frequent pulling and pushing and exposure to various weights over an extended period, low-quality kitchen cabinets will not last more than a year or two.

To avoid this, utilize heavy-duty slides and soft-close steel guides to make sliding considerably more comfortable and smooth. Additionally, it features a benefit that keeps the slides quiet even after years of use.


The cabinet’s front should be solid hardwood and equipped with sturdy door hinges and high-quality drawer glides. Kitchen cabinets can be constructed without a frame, and the glides and hinges are attached to the box sides.

However, this way of building kitchen cabinets is expensive and has low durability and strength to sustain long-term use. They also differ in appearance, as the frame is visible from the front of the kitchen cabinet. It is highly suggested to choose a kitchen cabinet from Cabinet Solutions Canada with a frame to enhance the overall quality and appearance of the kitchen cabinet.


Your kitchen cabinets are a critical component of your adored kitchen. They are also one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. Therefore it is justified to invest in a high-quality kitchen cabinet, despite the cost. Not only is it handy in the kitchen, but it may also improve your kitchen’s efficiency. Talk to our experts today for more information.