The vast majority of businesses has their website, are on social networks, use digital and print advertising. But to have a presence in the digital world, it is necessary to prepare a good SEO strategy that helps position your business, so that when people search for a service or product like the one you offer, you are among the first results. You can also learn SEO through a course that will give you a deep insight into the SEO game.

How do we make an SEO strategy for web positioning?

The strategy consists of a series of steps that are common in all SEO rankings, and these steps must be followed in order for your page to rank at the top of the results, in searches for the different engines that exist. You must be clear where you want to go with this SEO strategy:

Create your buyer persona:

It refers to identifying who the sale of your products or services is aimed at, the public that will consult your page. It is a very important step because here, you define the ideal client. You must carry out an in-depth analysis to find out what satisfies that client, how their needs are met, and then present the solutions in a casual way.

Keyword Research or Keyword:

You must choose the word or words that define your business, how the customer you identified earlier would search for your products or services. You can use different tools that will help you identify the best keywords; one of them is writing your own keywords; another is using tools like Google Trends, Keyword Planner, and others. Then cross them, so you have a better view of those keywords.

Analyze your competition:

You are not the only one that offers those services or products, and there are many other companies that sell the same or have the same services as you. You must know how your competition moves, what makes it special, how they find it, how it offers its products, the strategy is to know how you can stand out from the rest.

Check the links on your page:

You should be aware of whether you change the address of a link, quickly update it or redirect the page to the new location, check if those links are broken, sometimes it happens, and correct it as soon as possible because if search engines find that on your page they spend very little time visiting it, they lower you in the web positioning.

Make quality content:

If you find it difficult to write or you don’t have time, you can hire a professional to write your articles, of course, following your instructions to make your SEO strategy work.

Analyze the results of your SEO strategy:

Posing an SEO strategy does not end there; you must analyze whether it has had favorable results or, on the contrary, it has not served much. If this is the case, you should rethink your strategy as soon as possible to carry out your business.

A web positioning strategy is not a quick task, it needs patience and dedication, but in the end, you will receive your reward for that effort you have made. The idea is not to give up and to be persistent until success is achieved.

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