Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou went back to a Vancouver court on Tuesday as her attorneys argued that Canada abused its migration processes to collect proof versus her – a claim the federal government states lack an ” air of truth.”

Meng, 47, was apprehended at Vancouver ‘s airport on December 1 at the demand of the United States. She was charged with bank scams and implicated of deceptive HSBC Holdings Plc about Huawei Technologies Co Ltd ‘s organization in Iran. She has stated she is innocent and is combating extradition.

“She was not informed she was the topic of an arrest warrant, “Peck stated.”She was not informed this was a warrant that came out of the United States that had to do with activities some years back.

Meng is in the well of the courtroom using a brief black gown with flashing sequins around the neckline and sleeves, and an electronic tracking gadget strapped to her left ankle.

The three-day hearing is set up to end on Wednesday and anticipated to resume September 30.

When she landed in Vancouver after a flight from Hong Kong, Meng was browsed and questioned by border officers. She was not jailed on a provisionary warrant and informed her rights until about 3 hours after her arrival.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Meng’s legal representatives played a silent video of Meng being apprehended at the airport.

‘Fishing exploration’

In a filing sent on Monday, Meng’s attorneys stated they need to know why Canadian authorities permitted the prolonged border evaluation, and why the United States Federal Bureau of Examination desired contact info for officers on the day she got here.

In another submission launched on Monday, the attorney general of the United States of Canada stated there was no proof border authorities or authorities acted incorrectly, or that the conduct of Foreign or Canadian authorities jeopardized the fairness of the extradition procedures.

The defense declares that if the procedure was mistreated, this validates stopping extradition procedures. Allegations of misbehavior associated with Meng ‘s detention, they argue the United States is utilizing her for political and financial gain, keeping in mind that after her arrest, United States President Donald Trump stated he would step in if it would assist close a trade offer.

The federal government declares there is no reason for stopping extradition procedures. In its filing, it called the defense’s effort for more disclosure a “fishing exploration”

Meng, the child of Huawei creator Ren Zhengfei, invested ten days in prison in December but was then launched on bail of 10 million Canadian dollars ($ 7.5 m). She is residing in among her two multimillion-dollar houses in Vancouver.

Huawei, the world’s biggest telecom devices maker, has been implicated by the United States of activities contrary to national security and diplomacy interests. It is also an accused in the United States case versus Meng. Huawei rejects the charges.

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